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This is Christopher Afonso's homepage on the internet, here you can find information about who I am, what I do, and some of what I've done previously.

What I Do

I am a recent graduate from the Computer Science department with a subplan in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a minor in Economics. I love all things tech, and have aspirations of making a career for myself in the field of Information Systems and Security.



I was raised in the small town of Northbridge, Massachusetts by a very loving Portuguese family. I attended the local public school for grade school, while pursuing a vocational technical education in High School. I pursued Information Technology as the shop component of my high school education and fell in love with technology and the impact it has on everything around us. I had my first job in High School repairing, refurbishing, and selling used laptops. I currently enjoy soccer, biking, sunny weather, and have a fascination with awesome automotives. Since graduating from UMass, I've been working and building a career in my field of choice and have rejoined the team at UMass Medical School IT as Security Administration Specialist.


My Professional Experiences

Below are various projects and tools I've worked on and with from my time at University and onwards. Projects include development (iOS, Web), systems, and security-centric automation. These are meant to outline my familiarity with industry-standard tooling.

Certificates I've Received

Some certificates illustrating aptitude.

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